A better understanding of cancer has emerged.  The conventional notion of associating cancer with its anatomical site of origin is now giving way to a new reality.  Every cancer is unique.

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With an understanding of the molecular profile that drives your unique cancer.  Oncologists now have the tools and specific molecular drugs to formulate treatment plans specific to your unique disease.  Studies show that this form of treatment, known as Precision Medicine, is beginning to show promise.

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The precision medicine based on patient’s tumor biology requires complex analysis and modelling against big clinical informatics data from diverse patients’ populations around the world.  Ceynamon provides the infrastructure and the analysis tools to guide the molecular profiling and pathway analysis based medicine.

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At Ceynamon, we believe that every patient’s cancer diagnosis is unique and cancer therapeutics will now be delivered on a personalized basis enhancing patient’s quality of life and survival rate.

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Learn how Ceynamon can help you in fighting your cancer.

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Learn how you can provide effective evidence based personalized therapeutic cancer treatment options for individual patients while benefiting from recent developments in precision therapy.

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What We Do

Using Ceynamon’s innovative biological network analysis tools, we provide evidence based personalized therapeutic cancer treatment options based on a patient’s unique tumor biology.

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